Having an external Health and Safety Advisor fulfills your legal obligations but at a fraction of the cost. Depending upon your requirements, this service can provide you with:

Updates on changes to health, safety or environmental legislation that particularly affects your operations.

On-line Assistance with any queries or advice you need, or if there has been an accident at work. You would be able to contact us by phone or e-mail throughout the subscription period with either immediate response, or where research is necessary; we would call you back with a definitive answer.

Document Review of your existing safety documentation with comments and amendments where necessary to keep your policies, method statements, risk assessments, forms etc up to date.

Subscription to this service is renewable annually with no obligation to continue after the current subscription period. We would automatically notify you near the time of renewal and send you a pro-forma invoice. Once we receive payment, the subscription is activated. Costs depend on the level of service you require and the size of your organisation.

Expert Witness

In the unfortunate event of an accident at work, we carry out detailed accident investigations to determine the aetiology (true cause) with representation in courts of law as an expert witness.


Health & Safety Policies

Production of bespoke policies to reflect your unique intentions to provide a healthy, safe working environment which contains a general policy statement, safety management structure (family tree), responsibilities of key individuals and all employees, and your specific arrangements for ensuring health and safety.